An Exhaustive Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Osaka!


Osaka, Japan’s third-largest city compared to Tokyo, is a dynamic and vibrant metropolis teeming with historical attractions, delectable cuisine, and a spirited nightlife. The city attraction harmoniously blends traditional and modern elements, providing a potpourri of experiences that every traveler must explore. This comprehensive travel guide aims to unveil the best things to do in Osaka, ensuring your trip to this bustling city is unforgettable.

Why Visit Osaka?

Osaka is a captivating city that showcases Japan’s rich history, futuristic modernism, and bewitching culinary scene. The city is endowed with stunning architecture, represented by Osaka Castle, one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks, and the futuristic Umeda Sky Building.

Osaka’s culture mirrors its history and progress. Visitors are treated to myriad traditional arts performances, replete with riveting Kabuki and Bunraku puppet theatre shows. The neon-lit streets of entertainment districts like Dotonbori throb with life, offering intriguing night-time escapades.

Food lovers are in for a treat in Osaka. Nicknamed the “Nation’s Kitchen,” the city offers a gastronomic paradise. From the street food stalls in the Dotonbori area to the fresh seafood at the Kuromon Ichiba Market, every meal in Osaka unfolds as a culinary journey.

Best Time to Visit Osaka

Osaka’s climate is categorized into four distinct seasons, with each offering unique experiences. The spring season (March to May) is beautiful with the city bathed in delicate cherry blossoms. The average temperature ranges between 6°C to 20°C, providing pleasant weather to explore the city.

The summer (June to August) is warm and humid, with temperatures often soaring above 30°C. However, it’s a great time to enjoy Osaka’s vibrant summer festivals.

Autumn (September to November) transforms the city into a palette of warm colors as foliage changes from green to shades of red, orange, and yellow. Temperatures vary between 8°C to 28°C.

Winter (December to February) is relatively mild with temperatures dropping to around 2°C. Osaka looks magical in the light of winter illuminations, making it a picturesque time to visit.

How to Get Around Osaka

Osaka’s public transportation system is comprehensive and efficient, making it easy to navigate the city. The Osaka Station is a major transport hub, connecting various city districts and nearby regions like Kyoto and Nara.

The JR Osaka Loop Line is particularly useful for tourists, as it loops around central Osaka, providing convenient access to many attractions. Subway services are also extensive, covering most parts of the city.

A prepaid ICOCA card can be used across different modes of public transport and saves you the hassle of buying tickets every time you travel.

Top Attractions in Osaka

Osaka, steeped in history and culture, is home to a plethora of attractions. From historic landmarks to thrilling amusement parks, the city’s diverse offerings cater to all types of travelers.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, the symbol of Osaka, is a must-visit destination for history buffs. Built in the 16th century by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the great unifiers of Japan, the castle has played a pivotal role in the unification of Japan.

Surrounded by a moat and verdant gardens, the castle’s eight-story donjon offers panoramic views of the city. Inside the castle is a museum showcasing various artifacts from the Toyotomi period, providing a glimpse of Osaka’s rich history.

Umeda Sky Building

The Umeda Sky Building, standing at 173 meters, is one of Osaka’s most recognizable landmarks. This sleek, glass-clad skyscraper consists of two towers connected at the top by the Floating Garden Observatory.

The Observation Deck in the Umeda Sky Building offers sweeping, unobstructed views of the city and beyond. A visit during the evening captures a breathtaking sunset that morphs into a twinkling cityscape, adding to the charm of your Osaka trip.

Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku

Shinsekai, translating to “New World,” is a historic district in Osaka developed before the war. Today, it attracts tourists with its retro charm and the iconic Tsutenkaku Tower.

The Tsutenkaku, meaning “tower reaching heaven,” stands tall in the heart of Shinsekai. The tower’s observation deck provides stunning city vistas, while nighttime illuminations add to its allure.

Universal Studios Japan

For thrill-seekers and movie buffs, a visit to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is non-negotiable. This Hollywood-themed park features attractions based on popular movies like Jurassic Park, Jaws, and Spider-Man.

A standout is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter zone. From the Hogwarts Castle to Hogsmeade village, USJ takes Harry Potter fans on a magical journey. You can even try the famous Butterbeer!

Food and Dining Experience in Osaka

Osaka’s gastronomic reputation is legendary, with the city often referred to as the “Kitchen of Japan.” Its vibrant food culture offers a culinary feast, from street food stalls to high-end restaurants. Any foodie would love to take a food tour here. Osaka food is hard to beat from the little food carts on the shopping street to the booth at Namba Station. 

Dotonbori Street Food

Dotonbori, the heart of Osaka’s entertainment district, is a food lover’s paradise. The streets are lined with numerous food stalls serving Osaka’s iconic dishes.

Takoyaki, ball-shaped snacks filled with diced octopus, are a must-try. Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake made with various ingredients like cabbage, meat, and seafood, is another Osaka specialty.

Kuromon Ichiba Market

For fresh seafood, head to the Kuromon Ichiba Market. Known as “Osaka’s Kitchen,” this market has been serving both locals and chefs for over 190 years.

Stroll through rows of vendors selling a variety of seafood, meats, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t miss the chance to try fresh sushi and sashimi, or take a break with a bowl of piping hot ramen.

Unique Dining Experiences

Osaka offers unique dining experiences that go beyond food. For instance, the ROR Comedy Club offers a combination of entertainment and dining. Enjoy a hearty meal as you watch English stand-up comedy performed by both local and global comedians.

Now that we have explored the city’s must-see attractions and culinary delights, let’s venture outside the city and uncover the joy of taking a day trip from Osaka.

Day Trips from Osaka

Osaka’s central location in the Kansai region allows for convenient day trips to nearby cities. Explore traditional temples in Kyoto, interact with deer in Nara, or marvel at the magnificent Himeji Castle; the options are truly varied and enriching.


A mere 30 minutes away by train, Kyoto was Japan’s capital for over a thousand years. This historic city is home to numerous shrines, temples, and traditional wooden houses.

Visit the Kinkakuji Temple, also known as the Golden Pavilion, which is covered in gold leaf and shines elegantly against the backdrop of a tranquil pond. Explore the Fushimi Inari Shrine, renowned for its thousands of vermilion torii gates that create a beautiful path up the mountain.


Another easy day trip from Osaka is Nara, Japan’s first permanent capital. It houses some of Japan’s oldest and largest temples.

One of Nara’s top attractions is the Todai-ji Temple, home to the world’s largest bronze statue of Buddha. Nearby lies Nara Park, where over a thousand friendly deer roam free, providing an enchanting experience.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is often regarded as Japan’s most spectacular castle. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its beautiful white exterior, earning it the nickname “White Heron Castle.”

The castle offers fascinating insights into Japan’s feudal past. From the top floor, enjoy sweeping views of Himeji city and the castle gardens, especially beautiful during cherry blossom season.

After a day of exploration, it’s time to unwind. In the next section, we’ll guide you through the best places to stay in Osaka, ensuring a comfortable retreat after an adventurous day.

Where to Stay in Osaka

Osaka offers a range of accommodation options to cater to different budgets and travel styles. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses, the city has something for everyone. Here are some recommended areas to consider for your stay:

  • Umeda: This is the city’s major transport hub, making it a convenient base for travel in and around Osaka. The area boasts a range of accommodation, from high-end hotels to more modest options.
  • Namba: If you wish to be at the heart of Osaka’s buzzing nightlife, Namba is the place to be. This district is home to the iconic Dotonbori area and offers a variety of lodging options.
  • Shinsekai: For a more traditional experience, consider staying in Shinsekai. The district offers budget-friendly hotels and is near popular attractions such as Tsutenkaku Tower.
  • Osaka Bay Area: If you are traveling with kids, staying in the Osaka Bay Area can be a great choice. It offers easy access to family-friendly attractions like the Osaka Aquarium and Universal Studios Japan.

Your Osaka adventure is not solely about famous landmarks; there are also lesser-known attractions that offer unique experiences. The next section uncovers these hidden gems that will make your trip even more special.

Remember, when choosing your accommodation, consider the proximity to attractions you wish to visit and access to public transportation to ensure a hassle-free stay.

Hidden Gems in Osaka

While Osaka’s popular attractions draw the masses, the city also harbors lesser-known spots that offer unique experiences. If you’re keen to stray off the beaten path, check out these hidden gems that will undoubtedly enrich your Osaka adventure.

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

While museums dedicated to art and history are common, a museum dedicated to housing might sound unusual. The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living offers a unique perspective on how Osaka residents lived during the Edo Period.

The museum has a life-sized replica of a town from the late Edo Period (1800s), allowing you to walk through the streets and even enter the buildings. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the city’s past.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel

Located in the Bay Area, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel offers one of the best panoramas of Osaka. This 112.5-meter tall Ferris wheel takes you on a 17-minute ride, providing sweeping views of the city, the sea, and during clear weather, even as far as Kyoto and Kobe.

The Ferris wheel has been a popular attraction since it opened in 1997, but it often gets overlooked by tourists. Make sure to visit this hidden gem, especially during the evening when the city is illuminated.

Visiting these lesser-known spots will give you a deeper understanding of Osaka’s charm. Before wrapping up your journey, be sure to indulge in some retail therapy. In the next section, we will guide you through shopping in Osaka, a city known for its vibrant shopping scene.

Shopping in Osaka

Osaka is a shopper’s paradise, with everything from high-end fashion boutiques to underground bargain stores. The city’s shopping districts are just as vibrant and varied as its food scene, offering both local and global brands. Here’s a guide to some of the best shopping spots in Osaka:

Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade

Located in the Minami district, Shinsaibashi is Osaka’s premier shopping destination. The covered shopping arcade stretches over 600 meters and contains a wide array of shops, including high-end boutiques, fast fashion outlets, and independent retailers. Don’t forget to explore the side streets, where you’ll find local brands and vintage shops.


Popular among the younger crowd, Amerikamura (often shortened to “Amemura”) is known for its unique and trendy shops. If you’re into vintage and streetwear, you’ll find plenty of great options here. The district is also home to several record shops, cafes, and bars.

Tennoji Mio Plaza

Connected to Tennoji Station, this shopping complex has over 360 stores. You’ll find a mix of fashion, electronics, homewares, and more here. The plaza also has a fantastic food court on the top floor, perfect for a quick bite between shopping.

Kuromon Ichiba Market

No shopping trip in Osaka would be complete without a visit to Kuromon Ichiba Market. Known as “Osaka’s Kitchen,” this street market offers a variety of fresh food and produce. While it’s an excellent place for foodies, you can also find clothes, souvenirs, and other goods here.

Remember, shopping in Osaka isn’t just about the goods – it’s about the experience. So, take your time exploring these districts, and who knows, you might stumble upon some fantastic finds.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you’re a history buff, a food lover, a shopper, or someone who enjoys a bit of everything, Osaka has something to offer. This guide provides you with the information you need to plan your trip, but remember – the best way to experience Osaka is to explore and discover its wonders for yourself.

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